Although we already have quite some t4 players and more are to be boosted to accomplish research, we really appreciate some more to join us.


This will enable {E} to provide full t4 rallys and facilitating to successfully conquer and hold Fortresses or even base in Fortress War and KvK.


You are on your way to achieve t4 but need help? Let us talk!






Our home is kingdom 42. This is where {E} was founded and prospered.


The kingdom is fairly balanced and ruled by two even alliances: one with standard language Chinese and another one speaking English.


{E} is part of the English Alliance of k42.





Members of {E} are spread all over the globe. English being the standard language allows us to communicate ingame and via line app very well.


Nationality does not matter. Sharing the same ideas of gameplay unites us.


Being located in different time zones allows us to keep up the fight all around the clock too.





Lords Mobile is a war game, so everyone is fighting anyway? You wish!


This game is full of farmers and wannabees only hitting the weak.


{E} was founded to fight back the bullies and defeat the strong and mean.


Joining {E} means joining the good fight.





We help and stand for each other, anytime, anywhere.


If its reinforcements, resources, or even a push through the long path to t4 support is provided naturally and without any doubts.





Some kingdoms are dead or unbalanced. Some guilds just do not fight and give no support.


If this is the case and your life in lords mobile is just senseless and boring or you want to give something new and great a try:


Join {E} NOW! and fresh up your game experience as it can be so much more fun!